Behind the Scenes with Alex Msibi

What struck me when I met with Alex, was his desire to be truthful. He does not sugar-coat his experience. He expresses the depth of his visceral trials with honesty, painting in a realistic way.

The following is a look at that process, his passion, and personal vision.

In his work, he incorporates figures of himself and his family expressing emotions ranging from fear to wonder, a process to redress past trauma.

Behind the Scenes with Rosalie Osborn Knaack

Tracing Bones Behind the Scenes with Rosalie Osborn Knaack Introduction “Does it spark joy?” asks Marie Kondo in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. The word “joy” can be interpreted differently by each individual, but simply asking the question allows us to truly consider why we possess an object. One could interpret joy through a fond memory that has been related to the object but the object itself may no longer be of

Monet and Ofili

Impression, sunrise was painted by Claude Monet, a French artist who was a founder of French Impressionist Painting. At the time, focusing on light and movement often refers to the changing of time such as the sun setting and how the light changes with it. Painting an exact photographic replication wasn’t important . to Monet. Mono Amarillo was painted by Chris Ofili, a YBA (Young British Artist) backed by Charles

Play: editing ideas in real time

At the start of 2019 I decided that by outlining rough parameters for The See Through Project I could allow myself to create freely with various materials and at the same time connect alternative modes of working through introspection, conversation and research. A big part of the idea was to allow the project to grow and navigate itself as I received new information. Feedback from workshops became crucial to its


It is a real pleasure exhibiting with fellow Hongti Artists at F1963. As a group show, Rainbow- wire is successful on many levels. It runs until 19 January 2020.

Thank you to Hongti Art Center, F1963 and the Busan Cultural Foundation for all of your effort and dedication throughout the year. @hongtiartcenter @f1963_official @bscf2009

Beyond here and now

  If you are looking for a phenomenological experience make sure to see Beyond Here and Now at Palbok, Factory of Contemporary Art. Simon Whetham and I spent three months developing independent bodies of work that both incorporate elements of perception and a re- contextualization of the space itself. It runs until 12 January 2020.  Please drop by!

Transitions- a collaborative project

Come experience Transitions , until December 5th at Ground Art Caffe. It was great to see everyone on the opening night, it was such a surreal experience! if you have dropped by to see the work, thank you very much and if you haven’t you don’t have much time, so go and see it! As Adam couldn’t join Thurlo and myself here in Cape Town, we Skyped and I showed Adam

Double Vision

By David Brits My grandfather grew up in what was then the small village of Stains in England. As a young man in pre-war Britain, it was a common practice to get into a trade after leaving school. So being practically bent, my grandfather tried his hand at lens-making – the very specialized art of hand making lenses for spectacles. He took up an apprenticeship at the local lens maker